February 5, 2019


Hard to like Callaway because of their treatment of Ben Hogan brand. Michael Allen 4 years ago. It’s longer than my Nike VR pro driver by a mile and extremely forgiving. Dave Baxendale 4 years ago. No particular reason but I hear the name and think of Tom Hanks in Castaway.

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Pops 4 years ago. They are teeing it up like it txylormade a regular 3 wood. Would not rule out any reputable brand — even small companies.

It is a funny industry. Bought the 12 degree mini today Tayolrmade my comments a few posts below. I could never bring myself to play with Warrior clubs. The only thing that puts me off is the price.

Andrew Oster 4 years ago. Tom54 4 years ago. I believer that TM might be onto something with this new Mini-Driver, this could be the cure for those with driver slices, hooks and inconsistancy.


Annoys me to no end. Robert Summers 4 years ago.

Golfsmith Tmag $50 off Taylormade

The best driver ever Im so tolfsmith stiff shaft was a little much but it was dead straight for me and high and was getting about 10 yards roll. JFShu 4 years ago. I’m tempted to try the Aero Mini TP since it will spin less. Brad 4 years ago.

TaylorMade AeroBurner Gets Lift From Mini Driver – Golfalot

Undershooter30 4 years ago. That said, I would be reluctant to try Warrior. I would play any brand that worked better than my current clubs. Just does not work with my eye. Forgot to answer the question. I would have a hard time putting kini Nike club in the bag.

It would be interesting to try out a mini driver. I have knocked 5 strokes off my handicap in two months now playing to a 5mostly because I’m always in the fairway. That thing was so easy to hit.


TaylorMade AeroBurner Mini Driver Review

The technology behind most clubs is very similar. Stuff that gets taylprmade laughed off the course probably would not make it into the bag.

The one I found to be the worst is Cleveland. Not a fan of the product or the players they sponsor. With the AeroBurner Mini they will not have to sacrifice as much distance by making that choice. For some reason I have never been a big fan of Mizuno. I recently purchased the Mini Driver 14 minu loft.

Adam Blakely 4 years ago. Brand I would not play? Matt W 4 years ago.