February 10, 2019


The pins and boxes are then assembled in a unique, proven manner that ensures the maximum durability and straitness. Applications of Pneumatics and Hydraulics Unit code: Adjusting the stroke and pusher 1 2. Puncture size is adjustable by several methods to ensure the desired end result is achieved. When the underreamer advances 1″ ahead of the casing, the casing driver anvil closes, and the Ib. Use this information sheet to assist with gripper installation and setup. This unique joint also allows the pipe to turn in both directions without the risk of unscrewing.

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System trolleys must More information.

Air Perforators

Table of contents Contents Exploded view 2 Parts list for standard and wheel motor 3 Disassembly, standard and wheel motor 5 Reassembly, standard and wheel motor 7 Disassembly, bearing pack 9 Reassembly. When the perforator is under water you must add air or water to equal the pressure outside the perforator plus at least casong PSI.

The following subs come hoolte with other options available at an additional cost: The pipe ends are machined with large radiuses, making it easier to plug together. Holte casing drivers turn on and off automatically just like a down hole hammer.

This work covers part of outcome 2 of the standard Caslng module. Using the wide range of subs we manufacture, the extractor can be fastened to the top head drive or kelly of any rig. Larger sizes can be easily accommodated to meet most specifications.


File with maintenance More information. Instead, the driving is done from the top by the Holte Casing Driver which turns on and off automatically. This larger size bit also lasts longer. A method of boring a hole in which a down hole hammer is pneumatically operated to form a hokte, and a cementous material is injected into the hole through a passage in the down hole hammer.

The biggest draw back is that the shoe eventually wears out or breaks off from being hammered cawing by the UR tool. The Holte hammer is designed for easier breakdown and is available with hex connections.

Air Perforators

Channels in the barrel communicate the exhaust ports with discharge openings spaced about the head of the drill bit. A spring or ball bearings directly thrusts the pair of sliding cone discs to drive the Variable More information. Linear modules Lifting units Rotary modules Grip modules Inductive proximity switches Plug connectors Linear modules Lifting units Rotary modules Grip modules Inductive proximity switches Plug connectors Notes Technical More information.

Although this tool is hardened steel for durability, the tool may be destroyed in one use.

A supply of compressed air is conducted through the annulus of the dual wall pipe assembly to a down hole pneumatic hammer. In this case there is considerably more bit surface against the wall of the well bore. Holte has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Sections of the dual wall pipe are joined by hex head couplings which are quickly and easily engaged and disengaged. Fishing Jar Accessory Tools Fishing Jar The Gotco Hydraulic Fishing Jar is an easy-to-use accessory tool that assists in various operations such as fishing, testing, coring, reaming, and washover.


The Casing Driver style system also drills better, because the bit is slightly larger, since it does not need to fit through a drive shoe. Front axle components, overview just a test. TM Elliott offers a complete line of precision tube tools, including: Inspect for excessive wear between blade and axle pin.

One ring nut on each end provides even pressure to the packing.


Slide shoes adapt to a 6″ perforator to perforate 8″ and 10″ casing and roller shoe to 12″. The check valve system offers optional grout through capability when grouting holes for pilings is required. Puncture size is adjustable by several methods to ensure the desired end result is achieved.

May, Page 1 of 18 1. Vehicles without drive axle must not be moved.

Holte CD140-1 Casing Hammer – SOLD

Pressure adjustments range from More information. These features have More information. These features have made Lo Torc valves the choice of high pressure plug value users, worldwide: